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Nawfel Djari, born 1998 in Abu Dhabi, is a growing musician, writer and teacher. He is currently completing his Undergraduate degree in Viola performance at the University of Ottawa school of music.  


After moving to Canada (Ottawa Ontario) at the age of twelve, he started the Violin and  decided to switch to Viola at the age of seventeen where he began studying under pedagogue Rennie Regehr. Having developed his skills and passion for not too long he has had the opportunity to perform in masterclasses and study short and long term with many teachers including: Andre Roy,Rennie Regeher, Jutta Puchhammer, Sharon Wei, Paul Casey and is currently studying under Michael Van Der Sloot.

Nawfel is growing a name for himself as a chamber musician and a private teacher which takes place in his private home recording studio. Through studying music he has gained a passion for understanding the mind and how music affects so many people in different ways  Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally.

Nawfel is currently in the process of writing his debut book "My world" discussing how he experiences music and how everyone experiences music differently. Whether a musician or not he says we all have a connection with music in some profound  way, and he is looking into explaining how and why we experience things a certain way with his ideologies, personal experiences and research. 

His blog will be what connects you with Nawfel's mind. It will include his poetry (not all music related), his music, ideologies, and personal stories to help understand how he thinks and interprets the world of music and human interaction.

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