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What's your Vibe?

Imagine having a conversation with someone about something they are insanely concerned with. This could be the health of a loved one, their school success or just general anxiety. Now, if you really care about this person you usually do anything you can to show them you care. You talk to them in a supportive manner, you show them how far they’ve come, you over do the feeling in which you want them to feel and then they take that energy, either take it 100% as is or they (usually) diminish it a bit and feel better even with a small percentage of that energy. That’s called “making someone feel better”, and that came from genuine concern and a genuine raw pure emotion.

Now in life, you meet people all the time. Some people stand out to you as caring and some don’t. To me, that comes across in how they hold themselves, how they GENUINELY are as people. No matter who you are, or how you grew up, if you truly think and feel something in your heart, it will be portrayed at some point in some way. This is called “their vibe” (how you feel around this person), this could be straight up through word of mouth, or this can be shown through physical actions of one’s persona (refer to last blog to discuss physical attributes in relation to