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Nawfel has always loved teaching, understanding and applying the practices he grew up learning to his students. His studio is growing quickly and  his students have been making huge improvements over the years.

He teaches Violin ,Viola and Theory to beginner and advanced students, He practices Suzuki, RCM and everything in between.

He discusses continuous technique and teaches students how to apply this to their immediate playing, making their musical mind portray itself with ease and clarity. 

"Technique is a huge part of playing but it doesn't define music. To me art is the manipulation of emotion, and THAT can only be portrayed through stable efficient technique practices. You cant make a painting without a canvas".

Nawfel offers recital opportunities to his students to practice performing since that in the end is the whole reason we play music; to share the passion and emotions we feel.

He discusses approaches to practicing, physical care, goal making, being aware, and of course; the love for music. 

Lessons are 60$/ hour or 30$/30 minutes

First consultation is free since you meet and get to know one another and discuss what you would like out of it and how to accomplish it!

Nawfel is in the process of getting some of his students to play chamber music (duets, trios, quartets etc)  together or with him (more advanced students) to practice listening and connecting to more people than yourself. Having coached and performed loads of chamber he finds it essential for his students to experience this.

"I hope to see you embark on this journey we call music. I promise it's a journey that involves love, passion and everything in between. Let me help you find it"



All pictures by Bronwyn Fong
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